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Kevin Bladergroen

Kevin Bladergroen was born in Rochester, New York, raised in a military family traveling all over the US and Europe. He developed a passion for food at his mother's table and from the earliest days he was always asking his mother “what's for dinner.” Coming from a big family, the dinner table was a major place in his life and it still is.

Kevin Bladergroen He started his professional career in 1975 at Casa Vieja, a small restaurant in Corrales, New Mexico. This experience motivated him in 1978 to move to Paris, France to attend the well-known cooking school “La Varenne.”

His time in Paris was an education and not just in the class room. Living in this culinary Mecca was going to guide his professional direction in cooking as well as shape a large part of his personal life.

The figure who impressed Kevin during his culinary development was Jacques Peppin.

Returning to the US in 1980, his professional culinary career commenced in earnest and has subsequently involved opening, working in, and managing the kitchens of various restaurants in the US and Europe, from small 50 seat establishments to 500 room hotels. He has worked every kitchen position, from Chef de Garde Manger to Executive Chef, a title he has carried for many years.

Married to a Dutch wife his time was spent between the USA and The Netherlands.

After an extended period managing a restaurant/bistro near Maastricht in the Netherlands, Kevin returned to the US with wife Anja in 2002 and commenced a professional odyssey by motor home through the US working in various restaurants with chefs he admired, to learn different cooking techniques and widen his professional and culinary knowledge. This journey included a small coastal resort town in Maine, the mountains of Aspen, Colorado and Pebble Beach, California—to mention a few. At each one of these stops he had the privilege to work under and along side highly dedicated inspired chefs and cooks, restaurant owners and managers (sometime all-in-one), who have provided him invaluable insights into the drive, passion, and organizational talent that establishes and sustains top quality restaurants.

His menu at Blades’ Bistro is a culinary journey from the last 30 years. His cooking philosophy involves using quality ingredients and keeping it simple. His cooking is also inspired by his surroundings; with Blades’ Bistro he will have plenty of inspiration.


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